Board Policies

The Board Policy Manual is the official archive of documented policies for the governing, operations and activities of the school district. It is separated into the following eight sections:

Board Policy Manual, Part 1 – School District Organization

This section discusses the school district’s legal status, district organization and the school district philosophy.

Board Policy Manual, Part 2 – School Board

This section discusses policies and procedures for Board governance, Board meetings, and policy development.

Board Policy Manual, Part 3 – General School Administration

This section discusses district goals and objectives as well as administrative responsibilities and the chain of command.

Board Policy Manual, Part 4 – Operational Services

This section discusses the operation of the school district in regard to finances, transportation, food service, and safety.

Board Policy Manual, Part 5 – Personnel

This section discusses all personnel issues in general as well as specific policies related to certified and non-certified staff members.

Board Policy Manual, Part 6 – Instruction

This section discusses the school calendar, curriculum, special programs, instructional resources, guidance and counseling, and student achievement.

Board Policy Manual, Part 7 – Students

This section discusses equity, assignment and admission, attendance, student rights and responsibilities, health services, student activities, and records.

Board Policy Manual, Part 8 – School-Community Relations

This section discusses the district’s connection to the community, visitors to the district, and relations to booster groups and parent organizations.