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A pupil is considered to be a bus passenger whenever he rides a bus in any capacity. On points not specifically covered herein, the pupil will be expected to act in the safest and most logical manner. Safety is the prime responsibility of both driver and pupils. All these rules are directed toward getting students to and from school safely.

1.  THE DRIVER IS IN CHARGE OF THE BUS AND PUPILS WILL FOLLOW THE DRIVER’S INSTRUCTIONS. If pupils refuse to obey the driver promptly and respectfully, their riding privileges may be suspended. Pupils are NEVER to be rude or abusive toward the driver.

2.  Pupils will be at the designated loading points on time - the bus is not allowed to wait. Pupils should be at the pick-up point at least 5 minutes before pick-up time.

3.  Pupils shall carry nothing aboard the bus that can cause injury to themselves or to any other student. There will be NO animals of any kind brought onto the bus. Each pupil must keep his books and belongings out of the aisle. Pupils with band instruments should carry them on their laps or place them under their seats. Students should not wear clothing, hats, or material that is not allowed at their School.

4.  While on the bus and while the bus is in motion, pupils will stay in their seat and face the front. When leaving the bus, pupils will not stand or walk to the front of the bus before it comes to a complete stop.

5.  There will be no shoving or hitting at any time.

6.  Loud talking and yelling will not be allowed on the bus. This type of behavior distracts the driver and could cause a serious accident.

7.  Each pupil will keep the interior of the bus in good condition. Breaking glass, damaging seats, scratching paint, etc., will be considered vandalism and will not be tolerated. Damages will be charged to the offender (parent/guardian), and appropriate disciplinary consequences will be assigned.

8.  Pupils will not throw anything on or from the bus.

9.  Pupils are not allowed to eat, drink or smoke on the bus.

10.  Cell phones may only be used in an emergency situation (as decided by the driver) or with permission from driver for a personal emergency. 

11.  At no time will pupils put their hands, heads or feet outside the windows of the bus.

12.  All students are to be silent when the bus is stopped at railroad crossings.

13.  If a pupil is assigned a seat on the bus for any reason, he will occupy that seat.

14.  Drivers will immediately report discipline problems to the building principal.

15.  On leaving the bus, pupils will follow any special directions from the driver. A PUPIL SHOULD NEVER CROSS IN BACK OF THE BUS. When a pupil must cross the road after leaving the bus, he will go to the front of the bus and wait for a signal from the driver before crossing. The driver must see that the way is clear before signaling pupils to cross. The student will then cross l0 feet in front of the bus.

16.  Pupils are to be discharged only at their scheduled drop points. If an emergency situation requires a pupil to be dropped, or picked up, at an address other than the original assignment, the parent shall write a note stating the reason for the change, and when and where the emergency pickup and/or drop point will be. The note shall be presented to the respective building principal, who will initial it for confirmation and notify the Transportation Office.