Upon receipt of a FOIA request, the FOIA Officer shall determine whether the request is exempt or nonexempt under the provisions of the FOIA. The FOIA Officer shall respond in one of the following ways: disclosure, delay and denial.

Disclosure:  The District will disclose records in response to your request unless an exemption provided by the act can be properly invoked within five (5) working days after the request has been received.

Delay:  No later than the fifth business day following your request, the District may inform you, in writing, that your request requires an additional five (5) working days to respond for any of the following reasons:

Denial:  Any denials will be made in writing and will cite a specific legal reason under the FOIA to justify the non-disclosure and will include information regarding your right to appeal. If your FOIA request is denied you have the right to seek review by the Public Access Counselor (PAC) in the Attorney General’s office as well as the right to seek judicial review by filing a court case. You will have 60 calendar days from the date of the denial to submit a Request for Review to the PAC. Requests may be denied for the following reasons:

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