IVC District No. 321

Communication Plan

DISTRICT MISSION:  To empower students to become successful lifelong learners who contribute to a diverse world.

DISTRICT VISION: Successful lifelong learners will:

Goal Statement: Every school will partner with families and the community to ensure all students demonstrate continuous improvement.

To provide open communication and between families and schools, the IVC School District will utilize the following technologies to communicate with our stakeholders:

TeacherEase: Learning Management System

https://www.teacherease.com/home.aspx , provides parents and students detailed information about individual teacher classroom assignments, lessons, handouts, materials, expectations and procedures.  TeacherEase also allows each teacher, school, and district administrators to send individual, school-wide, and/or district-wide announcements to each parent's personal email address.  To add or confirm your email address, please contact your child's school. 

District Facebook and Twitter Pages

Each school in the IVC #321 District has a Facebook and Twitter page. The pages provide real time district and school news to the community. The pages are used as a tool to relay information of school closures, emergencies, good news and events. The pages aim to engage the community about local, state and national education news/topics, and to post student and staff pictures and achievements.  These are optional communication tools.  Interested parent and community members are encouraged to Like and Follow these pages.

IVC #321 FACEBOOK            IVC #321 Twitter

IVC District #321 Website

The District’s website, http//www.ivcschools.com is a comprehensive source of information about district programs, schools, curriculum, policies, events, and operations.  It was designed to meet the needs of parents, students, and the community. The site is created using web best practices. The performance of this site is monitored by using analytics to ensure the site meets key indicators and the goals of the IVC School District Strategic Plan.

Emergency Communication and Management

The IVC School District provides direction to employees to resolve crisis situations and/or emergencies, including the use of communication vehicles like student/faculty handbooks, parent letters, social media, talking points and key messages.  We also provide emergency communication when schools are locked down or have experienced an safety incident.  Parent communication regarding emergency communication, including school closings and delays, will be shared via email, Facebook, Twitter, IVC District Website, and text communication.  

To receive text communication from the IVC School District, please complete the following form:

321 Connection

The IVC School District publishes and distributes a quarterly newspaper to its residents.  The 321 Connection provides updates, news, and information from all the IVC School District Schools.  The most recent edition of the 321 Connection is also available on the district website.

321 Connection

IVC School Board Meeting Documents

The agenda, minutes, and "Meeting-in-Review" is posted on the district website for each regularly scheduled IVC School Board meeting.  This information provides the IVC School District's staff and residents with an update of the monthly business of the IVC School Board.  Use the following link to access these documents: 

IVC District #321 School Board Agendas, Minutes, and Meetings-in-Review